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Mar 30, 2022
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Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, has today announced the launch of its annual photojournalism grants. Supporting photographers whose work shines a light on the important issues of our time, the Getty Images Editorial Grants will support both individual photojournalists and organizations which enable documentary photography.

“We are deeply grateful to the photographers and videographers who every day shed light on some of the most moving and significant moments of our time,” said Pancho Bernasconi, VP of Global News at Getty Images. “It is our honor to be able to support and foster this further, by providing funding to bring thought‑provoking and important international issues to light – issues that without funding, may otherwise remain unseen.”

Getty Images Editorial Grant for Photography Programs

Getty Images is offering two $15,000 grants for organizations that support documentary photography and its practitioners, either through public engagement or professional development. These project‑based grants are intended for educational programs, workshops, exhibitions, and other initiatives that reinforce the power of photography as a journalistic medium.

The grants are open to non‑profit organizations of any size, worldwide. Please see here for further details here:‑grant‑for‑photography‑programs‑2022

Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography: Forced Displacement

Continuing Getty Images’ tradition of supporting in‑depth photojournalism through its Editorial Grants program, Getty Images is offering three grants of $5,000 each to photographers and videographers reporting stories of forced displacement. Within this theme, judges will be looking for visual journalists to show how people around the world have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, climate change, or events seriously disturbing public order. For further information and to apply, visit here:‑photography‑grant‑forced‑displacement

Getty Images Inclusion Grants 

The Getty Images Inclusion Grants are open to photographers around the world with the aim of promoting greater diversity and inclusion within the photographic and media industries.

For this program, Getty Images will partner with the organizations Women Photograph and Diversify Photo, who will cumulatively offer eight grants of $5,000 each to editorial photographers and videographers from different professional specialties, such as news, sport and entertainment. For further information visit here:‑images‑editorial‑inclusion‑grants‑2022

The Editorial Grants are part of Getty Images’ wider grants program, which since its inception has donated over US$1.8 million to photographers and videographers around the world.