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Getty Images and Dove Support Inclusive Visual Stories of Women’s Health Through #ShowUs Grant
Aug 23, 2023
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$10,000 awarded to photographers exploring underrepresented stories about women in Kenya and Colombia

London – August 23, 2023: Getty Images (NYSE: GETY), a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, in partnership with Dove, has today announced the winners of the latest #ShowUs Grant, awarding two photographers US$5,000 each to pursue and uncover visual stories which shatter stereotypes and conventions around Women’s Health.
The two $5,000 grants provide financial support and mentorship to artists who are committed to authentically representing women, femmes and non‑binary individuals in commercial photography and videography. Judges gave particular consideration to photographers and videographers depicting authentic stories of individuals in their local communities.

The winners of the two grants are:
  • Aronia Ortiz is a visual artist, university professor and photography curator based in Bogotá, Colombia. Her photography explores the natural and artificial aspects of the city by capturing the daily lives of people and places, while also pushing the boundaries between reality and fiction. Aronia’s winning project ‘Bios: Women’s Plants’ is focused on the interaction of Latina women and plants and their role in preserving and conserving this botanical knowledge, which has been instrumental in shaping the identity and heritage of their local communities.
“Being a part of Getty Images’ #ShowUs: Women’s Health will allow me to explore and understand through imagery my country’s relationships between plants and women’s culture,” said Aronia Ortiz. “The grant was like a breath of fresh air for me as a creative. To have this kind of support has led me to believe in new ways to tell our lives’ stories.”
  • Esther Sweeney is a self‑taught photographer and artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is passionate about telling stories about Black women while addressing the social issues that affect them. Esther’s winning project ‘Black women embodying health, wellness and fitness’ will document three Kenyan women from different backgrounds and body types as they continue to embrace health and wellness practices into their daily lives.
“At the end of the day, it is not just photography for me, I want to create meaningful work and make an impact through my work, that is my driving force,” said Esther Sweeney.

Submissions were judged by a prestigious industry‑leading panel including:Now in its fourth year, Project #ShowUs is a global library of images created by women, femmes and non‑binary photographers devoted to shattering beauty stereotypes around the world. A joint initiative between Getty Images and Dove, this global collection is 100% created by and representing women, femmes and non‑binary individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be.

The Getty Images #ShowUs Grant is part of Getty Images’ wider grants program, which since its inception has donated over US$2.6 million to photographers and videographers around the world.

Image credit: Esther Sweeney
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