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Dec 5, 2021
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Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, today unveiled its 2021 Year in Review, a visual dive into 2021’s most powerful and impactful stories.  

With repercussions from the pandemic still being felt in 2021, Getty Images’ award‑winning photographers, videographers and editors produced moving stories covering the pursuit of a new normal from thousands of world events, including the rollout of the COVID‑19 vaccines, a lively comeback to sport and entertainment, and widespread, rapid climate change.

These events brought new challenges that no one was prepared for, including our visual content creators, who relied on institutional knowledge developed at Getty Images over the last 25 years to cover firsthand the January 6th attack of the U.S. Capitol, deadly explosions and mass evacuations from Afghanistan, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Getty Images Global Head of Content Ken Mainardis said: “After a dizzying 2020, visual storytelling was a key element in reconnecting us all in 2021 as our world recovered by shining a light on the stories and people who defined the resilience of our societies. Our 2021 Year In Review is a testament to the incredible breadth, depth and outstanding craft of our News, Sport, Entertainment and Archival visuals and the global content creators who bring them to the world. Getty Images is committed to moving the world and providing our customers with the most exclusive and unique visual content that accurately represents the society we live in, inclusive of all voices and perspectives.”

For more information and to view Getty Images 2021 Year in Review, visit our site here:‑in‑review/2021.

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Image credits (clockwise from top left): Win McNamee, Patrick Smith, Arturo Holmes and Tim Graham