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Candy Digital and Getty Images Unveil New Physical & Digital Art Collection Exploring The Origins of Paranormal Photography
Oct 19, 2023
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What: Candy Digital, a next‑generation fan engagement platform, and Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, today announced the launch of a new collection, Ghost in the Machine.

With this new collection, collectors can purchase historic physical‑digital artworks for the first time, explore contemporary photography, and mint a free digital artwork inspired by paranormal activity.

Ghost in the Machine maps the origins of spirit photography across 20 landmark artworks, including four exclusive, never‑before‑released photographs from the Hulton Archive. These historic images from the 19th and early 20th century put a lens on the paranormal, showcasing how early photographers used double exposure and physical manipulation to conjure invisible realms. Each artwork is available as a digital edition, with a framed print, for $225. Digital‑only editions are available for $75.

Coinciding with this historic collection, Candy Digital is releasing Nightmare Logic, a zine and digital exhibition that explores the impact of spirit photography through the work of contemporary artists who use camera and code to capture invisible realms.

Why: For as long as technologies have existed, we’ve projected magical properties onto them. In the 19th century, creative pioneers used spirit photography as a medium for communicating with invisible realms. Today, creative pioneers use code to unlock doors. Art allows us to give form to new realities. Now, as  we approach Halloween, the otherworldly is all around us. Ghost in the Machine, the first physical‑digital project from Candy Digital and Getty Images, traces the impact of early paranormal photography on culture today.

Free to mint open edition artwork
October 19th 9 am ET to  November 27th, 5pm  ET, 2023

Ghost in the Machine & Nightmare Logic
October 25th, 1 pm  ET to November 27th, 5 pm ET, 2023.

Who: Candy Digital is a next‑generation fan experience platform that connects people to their passions in sports, entertainment and culture. Candy Digital’s team of world‑class digital artists, designers, and technologists work with forward‑thinking brands to create digital experiences that reimagine the future of fandom.

Candy Digital and Getty Images  are dedicated to exploring the power of blockchain technology to preserve critical moments and influential art historical movements, with a platform that centers a cultural conversation about how we use technology to tell stories.

Ghost in the Machine is the fourth initiative in the ongoing partnership between Candy Digital and Getty Images, following the successful launch of the 70s Music & Culture Collection, City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World, and Portraits: Echoes Across the Lens of Time.

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