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Getty Images and iStock Transform Visual Content Discovery with Innovative AI-powered Search Experience
Mar 13, 2024
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New York – March 13, 2024: Getty Images (NYSE: GETY), a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, today announced the launch of Enhanced Search. This new cutting‑edge search functionality, available on both Getty Images and iStock’s platforms, is built to redefine how customers find and discover visual content by delivering faster and more relevant results through natural and conversational queries to elevate their creative process.
Powered by innovative AI and machine learning models, Enhanced Search enables users to explore Getty Images' and iStock's extensive library of pre‑shot creative content of millions of images, videos, and illustrations with an increased level of detail. The new functionality allows users to type in natural and descriptive phrasing to produce thousands of results more efficiently and without needing to match exact keywords. 
Enhanced Search is turned on automatically for creative searches and can be applied to all search experiences globally, across all languages. A more fluid and intuitive search experience means customers can confidently find what they’re looking for with less of a need to backtrack, retry queries with different words, or worry about typos and other mistakes in their native language.  
"We are always innovating to help our customers discover and license pre‑shot creative visuals tailored to their commercial needs as easily and quickly as possible,” said Getty Images’ Chief Product Officer, Grant Farhall. “Enhanced Search will support the increasingly expressive search queries we are seeing from our customers, making the amazing visual content we offer even more accessible." 
This innovative experience drives greater breadth and flexibility, returning more effective search results, with users rarely encountering sparse or zero‑page result pages anymore. 
To start using Enhanced Search, go to and and for support on how to start searching, visit:‑guide